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It was born in Turin, in Piedmont, as manufacturin company of 350 and 500 cc motorcycles.  Over  the years it changed and became one of the most popular brands in the motorcycle field as manufacturer of handlebars and  alluminium special parts.
In 1991 it was taken  over  by  Domino Srl,  a  leading  company in  its  filed, and moved from Turin to Sirtori, un the district of Lecco, the present location.

For  many  years  Tommaselli  has  strengthened  its  technological experience in  the  production  of  OEM  handlebars   for  on-road,  off-road   and   scooter focusing  also  on  the  aftermarket  sector,  where  it  began  to  create its own sales network both in Italy and abroad.

In  2006  the  whole  production  of  OEM  components moved  to  Domino and Tommaselli started dealing with aftermarket mainly.

For  more  thain  eighty  years  Tommaselli  brand   has   meant  reliability  and safety in the production and distribution of components in the motorcycle filed.
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