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Goggle Quick Strap, the fast and easy one handed goggle strap by Roko Sports Inc.

Keeps goggles safe, clean and convenient, will fit most popular goggles with conventional goggle strap, will not affect tear offs or roll offs and no tools required!

Quick Strap is a clever gloggle mounting system which utilizes adhesive patches on either side of the helmet (one a velcro patch and the other a plastic button) and a pair of straps to securely anchor your goggles. 

The plastic button provided goes on the right side of the helmet and the strap attaches to it by snapping it on. This is a very solid arrangement and takes a concerted effort to unsnap from the button. The left side of the system provides a quick release aspect by utilizing a velcro patch and a plastic handle (velcro side, outside). They even had the forthought to put some grip teeth on the edges of the handles to make them easily graspable even when muddy. The system can also be transferred whenever you get a new pair of goggles. New patches are available in the case of the purchase of a new helmet. Installation is simple and easy by following instructions provided with the system.