ACERBIS FUEL TANK YZF 250 450 06-09 WRF 07-11 12.5L CLEAR

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    Acerbis fuel tanks are designed to provide additional fuel capacity without sacrificing ergonomics, and are the perfect choice for the rider trying to increase the range of their machine. Constructed of impact and abrasion resistant Polyurethane, Acerbis fuel tanks are durable, stylish, and will provide years of service with the proper care.

    All Acerbis fuel tanks will include an Acerbis Gas Cap, required Mounting Kit (If Applicable), and Vent Hose. Applications that require special fuel line Y-fittings and petcocks will come with the tank. EFI tanks do not come with a new fuel pump and are designed to accept the stock assembly.

    - Constructed of Impact and Abrasion Resistant Polyurethane.

    - Allows for Greater Fuel Capacity.

    - Slim Profile.

    - Excellent Fit.

    - Gas Cap and Vent Hose Included.

    - Includes Mounting Kit & Hardware if Applicable.