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    Backpack-bag capacity 102 litres

    Dimensions 59cm x 52cm x 36cm

    weight 2Kg

    The backpack bag holds all the specific equipment for sportsmen and women practising off-road disciplines: motocross/Enduro/trial/motard . Thanks to the backpack design, it is possible to transport all the necessary equipment up and down stairs or paddocks in rough terrain

    The vertical structure reduces the overall bulk of the backpack, in the trunk of the car and van

    Made with two comfortable external side pockets in breathable fabric, designed to store the boots separately from the other contents of the backpack-bag.

    A deep central compartment holds all the necessary equipment: helmet, chest protector, knee pads, trousers, jersey, mask, gloves, etc...

    A top compartment divider keeps off-road clothing separate from the change of clothes, preventing them from getting dirty

    The front pocket, useful for storing small objects once opened, becomes a comfortable footrest allowing you to get dressed while keeping your feet dry and clean

    Sliding adjustable straps distribute the weight evenly on the chest and not on the shoulders

    Use of breathable fabric in back contact area

    Ideal for off-road use MOTOCROSS / ENDURO / ATV / TRIAL/MOTARD