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    Muc-Off Waterless Wash is a highly advanced, easy to use spray which cleans and polishes in seconds without the need for water. It details your whole bike, motorcycle or car in seconds leaving behind a streak free shine. Its innovative formula is designed to encapsulate any surface dirt to prevent scratching.

    Use it to remove light contaminants in between major washes.


    - Cleans and polishes in one application

    - No need for water!

    - Long lasts lustre

    - No residual dust or streaks

    - Non-sticky

    - Powder free

    - Suitable to use on bicycles, motorcycles, cars & R.Vs

    Instructions for Use:

    1. Shake the bottle vigorously to activate formula.

    2. Spray onto the surface and leave for a time to penetrate the light contaminants.

    3. Now gently wipe the area with a clean, dry microfiber cloth. With each wipe fold the cloth to a clean side.

    4. Using another clean microfiber cloth buff all areas to leave a showroom shine.

    5. Do not use on heavy grit/grime or stubborn contaminants as this will inevitably lead to surface scratching.

    6. Always use microfiber cloths as they trap the dirt away from the surface.