ACERBIS X-POWER KIT SX TC 250 19-22 EXC TE 250 300 20-22 BLACK

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    Protect your Motor Crankcase and Ignition/Clutch Covers against wear from Boots, Impacts, Dirt, Mud, and other Debris with Acerbis X-Power Cover Kits.

    - Moulded openings to access the Filter Cover and Oil Cap

    - Easy to install by utilising the original Crankcase and Ignition/Clutch Cover Bolts

    - Resistant to High Temperatures

    - Slim Profile designed not to interfere with Boots and Riding Position

    - Compatible with ACERBIS Skid plates

    Right side: Provides protection for the Clutch Cover, Water Pump, and Lower Casing

    Left side: Provides protection to the Ignition Cover and Clutch Actuator

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