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    Don't let your bottom end get wet with the new Muc-Off Exhaust Bung! Made from a two-part flexible silicone rubber core and sleeve, it creates an awesome leak-proof seal to prevent water or other contaminants from getting into your exhaust pipe whilst you're cleaning or maintaining your machine. It's both 2 and 4-stroke compatible thanks to its removable two-part design.

    It's super easy to twist into place and comes with a handy lanyard to make removal easy!


    • 2 and 4-stroke compatible thanks to removable 4 stroke bung sleeve
    • Tapered design fits most exhaust diameters
    • Silicone rubber core construction is sturdy and durable
    • Supplied with lanyard for easy removal and storage
    • Prevents water or contaminates entering the exhaust during cleaning
    • Protects your engine 
    How To:
    1. Ensure the exhaust is fully cooled before use
    2. For 2-stroke exhaust remove the black silicone sleeve from the bung - it simply pops off!
    3. For 4-stroke exhaust keep the black silicone sleeve on the bung.
    4. Insert and twist the exhaust bung into the end of the exhaust to form a perfect seal.
    5. Carry out your cleaning and maintenance routine.
    6. Always remove before starting the engine!

    Storage: Store in a cool, dry place

    Frequently Asked Questions:

    What happens if I start the engine with the exhaust bung in?

    You risk shooting the bung out of the exhaust. We always recommend removing the exhaust before starting the engine.

    Is the bung resistant to cleaning products and degreasers?

    Yes, silicone is generally chemically inert.

    How can I clean my exhaust bung?

    If the bung gets dirty over time it can be cleaned down with our Bike Cleaner and dried off with a clean microfibre cloth.

    How long can I leave it in the exhaust (engine off)?

    Indefinitely and is ideal for long term storage but we would always recommend that the exhaust is fully cooled before placing into the exhaust.

    How is this product sustainable?

    The product is designed to last a lifetime of use. At the end of its life, silicone can be recycled, these services may vary depending on location. Packaging is all card which can also be recycled easily.