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    The Vapor Speedometer/Tachometer is a popular choice for both on and off-road enthusiasts. Replace your factory gauge or add the Vapor Gauge to your custom bike build.

    The main features include a large RPM graph and speed readout, with much more data built in. At the top, programmable LED lights blink when its time to shift gears or during an over-temp event.

    Vapor can replace an entire instrument cluster on your dashboard. Vapor displays speed, tach, engine temperature, ambient temperature, resettable distance, clock, ride time, and odometer. Maximum values are displayed for temperature, speed, and RPM (reset trip data to start fresh max values.) Use the built-in stop watch for race training, or resettable trip distance for Enduro courses.

    The Vapor features LED Backlit Multi-Screen Display

    Choose from one of three main screens to set as the default home screen:

    Screen 1


    -Tachometer Bar Graph

    -Trip Distance Clock

    -Ambient Air Temperature

    -Engine Temperature

    Screen 2


    -Tachometer Bar Graph

    -Numerical RPM

    -Engine temperature

    -Stop watch

    -Ride time

    Screen 3

    -Max speed

    -Max engine temperature

    -Max RPM

    -Accumulated ride time (total hours)


    Kit Contents:

    12mm CHT Sensor: 7500-3012

    Magnet Kit: 704-01

    Wheel Sensor: 704-06

    Mounting: 9000-1000

    Power Lead: 9000-1011

    Ignition Sensor: 9000-1021

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