TRAIL TECH VOYAGER PRO DIGITAL GPS 19mm Digital Gauges 922-133


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    The Connected Riders GPS

    The next evolution of Trail Techs most popular off-road GPS.

    Featuring patent pending Buddy Tracking*, Bluetooth for phone and media connection, 4 Inch touchscreen, and full vehicle integration. See the data that matters most to you.


    Record Tracks

    GPX File Import and Export

    Drop Customised Waypoints

    Set Waypoints as Destination

    Personalise Map Layer Colours

    Plan & Record Entire Trail Systems


    Ride group visible on map

    Up to 20 Buddies per Ride Group

    Long range (depending on terrain)

    Emergency Beacon Flashes Red on Friends Screens

    Personalise Your Buddy Icon Colour and Name

    Upgrade Buddy Antenna for Longer Range

    Cellular service not required




    Map Layers

    Map Options

    Buddy Tracking Setup

    1. What maps come standard with Voyager Pro?

    Voyager Pro is pre-loaded with maps of the USA.

    2. How do I upload different country and region maps to Voyager Pro?

    Download maps from our website for free:

    3. What types of Tracks/Routes/Waypoints can I upload to my Voyager Pro?

    Voyager Pro accepts tracks, routes, and waypoints in GPX format.

    4. Can I use Voyager Pro without vehicle sensors?

    Yes, you can use Voyager Pro without any sensors connected, but a 12v DC power connection is required. However, integrating with the vehicle provides you visibility to several key features (engine temperature, battery voltage, tachometer, and wheel speed).

    5. How does Voyager Pro display speed?

    All speed and distance data can be gathered using GPS or the wheel sensor. For the most accurate readout, we recommend using the wheel sensor.

    6. How do I connect Voyager Pro to power?

    Voyager Pro requires 12v DC power. Connecting Voyager Pro to AC power will damage the unit and void the warranty.

    For applications where DC power is not available, Trail Tech offers an AC wall charger to charge the internal battery (internal battery life is ~45 minutes.)

    7. Can Voyager Pro be turned on/off manually?

    Yes, hold the upper left button to power Voyager Pro on/off.

    8. How do I get the best GPS reception possible?

    The internal antenna is designed for optimum reception when installed with a clear view of the sky. Some installations may require mounting under or near metal objects that would block the signal, and in these instances an external antenna (9000-EAA) should be installed.

    9. Can I use the same sensors on my Voyager GPS with the new Voyager Pro?

    Yes, the Voyager Pro uses the exact same sensors as all other Trail Tech gauges. Note: The power input on the Voyager GPS accepts a wider voltage range. Please double-check that it 2019s 12v DC power.

    10. How does buddy tracking work?

    Buddy tracking uses long range radio frequencies to connect multiple riders and display each rider as an icon on the screen.

    The external antenna is required for buddy tracking to function properly.

    11. How far is the range between riders when using buddy tracking?

    The range varies depending up the terrain. We typically see between .5 and 1.5 miles of range. The range improves with better line of sight.

    12. In what regions of the world is buddy tracking currently enabled?

    North America, Central America, South America, and Australia / New Zealand.

    Kit Contents

    19mm Water Sensor: 7500-3052

    Mounting: 9200-1000

    Power Lead: 9000-1011

    Ignition Sensor: 9000-1021

    Dock: 9200-DOCK

    Buddy Tracking Antenna: 9200-V2V1